Mokume gane metal sheets

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Mokume gane metal sheets

Polymer artists as they so often do have developed a variety of techniques that capture the wonderful look of the original metal art form. Mokume- gane may be formed fabricated sheets just like other nonferrous metals with slightyly more frequent anneals. The layered structure gane may be formed by soldering welding, powder metallurgy some other process. Mokume Gane sheets are provided with “ patina” which increases the mokume contrast ( between silver mokume , 925 sterling silver- copper copper). Homemade Mokume- Gane I' ve been wanting to make some bolster material from a blend of copper and brass for some time. Mokume Gane is a Japanese metalworking technique in which thin layers of variously colored metals are fused together then distorted ground down to reveal a beautiful pattern. The bonding of metals can be done gane using solder or by fusion bonding. Ready to be processed with the classic mechanical gane machining. Most of the metals I alloy roll into sheet myself to get the color , cast, forge working properties I want for my mokume gane billets. This overview describes a solder- free solid state diffusion bonding method developed and used by James Binnion. In fact, “ mokume gane” means “ wood- eye metal” in Japanese. This is a really thick billet as it consists of 30 sheets comprised. Mokume Gane is a multilayered metal that’ s produced by fusing many sheets of two more metals gane under mokume heat pressure.

Rio Grande jewelry making supplies for the best in jewelry findings equipment, tools, the packaging , jewelry supplies , gemstones, display items essential to the success of your jewellery business since 1944. Mokume Gane Metal Sheet. Mokume- gane ( or mokume) means in Japanese " wood grained metal. It refers to the appearance of the fi nished material. Rio Grande offers competitive pricing excellent service, ordering convenience fast product delivery. As it is made up of silver and copper it is easy to work. There are several very similar ways to produce Mokume.

It is made up of approximately 25 alternating layers of mokume sterling silver copper hand worked to reveal the pattern. Mokume gane metal sheets. It looks like wood- sheets grained sheets metal. True mokume gane is laminated together through the process of high heat high pressure where the layers are fused together. Mokume- Gane is a Japanese word meaning “ wood- eye metal”. It bakes to hardness in sheets the oven at. The mokume gane process begins by layering and bonding several sheets of two to four different metal alloys together. To start like a stack of paper, in an extremely clean , sheets of precious metal in different colors are stacked together laboratory like environment.

gane This article is second of three parts procedure of electric kiln fired Mokume Gane metalwork. Mokume gane metal sheets. " Mokume is a class of metals made with two or more layers manipulated to create a decorative visual effect. Studying a few web sites and watching some YouTube videos has. They all rely on heat to fuse the layers of the laminate mokume to- gether, rather than using solder to join them.

Polymer clay artists mimic this sheets process by laminating sheets of polymer clay together distorting them, slicing thin sheets from the stack to reveal the resultant patterns. Mokume Gane is a technique of Japanese origin sheets in which layers of alternating colors of precious metals are fused forged gane patterned to create swirling images of color in a sheet of metal. I and my studio assistant make every piece of mokume gane. 5mm thick sheet is a beautiful patterned metal originating from Japan, ' mokume gane' is Japanese for wood grain. Sculpey III has the same excellent handling qualities as regular Sculpey only it' s softer , more pliable making it easy to condition.

We cut clean, mokume stack fire forge the mokume billet from the individual sheets of metal.

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See current pricing on all products based on published daily metal markets. Safety Data Sheets Metals. Silver " Strata" Mokume Gane. All of my mokume gane bands are made at completely from scratch.

mokume gane metal sheets

No outside made billets, laminated bars or patterned sheets are used. All bands are made starting with sheets of colored golds and/ or silver which are fused into solid billets, forged, patterned, and fabricated into custom made bands.