Bit addressable sfr 8051 datasheet

Addressable datasheet

Bit addressable sfr 8051 datasheet

The instruction set of N78E366A is fully compatible with the standard 8051. The four IO ports A ­ D use the SFR addresses used in the standard 8051 for ports 0 ­ 3,. C8051F39x/ 37x - Silicon Labs. The register and bit names are identical to those used in the datasheet C8051F02x data sheet. Both register definition files are. They are installed into the “ SiLabs\ MCU\ Examples\ C8051F02x” directory during IDE installation. Overview‚ Opcode integrated circuits, datasheets, diodes , sfr Datasheet search site for Electronic Components , Semiconductors, Cycle Equivalent to Intel standard 8051‚ datasheet search other semiconductors.

SFR Mapping The Special Function Registers ( SFRs) of the TS80C51Rx2 fall into the following categories:. N78E366A contains a 64k bytes of main Flash. Let’ datasheet s take a look at them in detail. h define all SFR registers and bit- addressable control/ status bits. Register definition files C8051F020.

N78E366A Data Sheet Publication Release Date: March 11, Revision: V2. Part: ATtiny1616 The new- for- tinyAVR line includes seven parts with XMEGA- style peripherals sfr the new UPDI one- wire debug interface, , a two- cycle 8× 8 multiplier a sfr 20 MHz oscillator that should shoot some energy into this line of entry- level AVR controllers that was looking sfr quite long in the tooth next to other sfr 8- bit parts. bit- addressable registers. Bit addressable sfr 8051 datasheet. According to this: 8052. Some of these special function registers datasheet are bit addressable ( which means you can access 8 individual bits inside a single byte), while some others are only byte addressable. DESCRIPTION N78E366A is an 8- bit microcontroller, which has an in- system programmable Flash supported.

php, the addressable sfrs whose address are divisible by 8 are bit addressable. There are 21 unique locations for these 21 special function registers and each of these register is datasheet of 1 byte size. The model is fullycompatible with the Intel 8051 standard. 4188E– 8051– 08/ 06 AT/ TS8xC51Rx2 4. Why does some sfr in 8051 are bit addressable?
2 12/ 03 Copyright © by Silicon Laboratories C8051F120/ 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7- DS12. 8051- IO datasheet,.

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Using this site ARM Forums and knowledge articles Most popular knowledge articles Frequently asked questions How do I navigate the site? Starting with PICmicro controllers intro, first steps, tips, links, etc. Wouter van Ooijen nl) Last change made at 20. TH0/ TL0- > Timer 0 16 bit register ( byte addressable only) 8 bits can be send at a time. TH1/ TL1- > Timer 1 16 bit register ( byte addressable only) 8 bits can be send at a time.

bit addressable sfr 8051 datasheet

8051 TMOD register. 4239A– 8051– 04/ 03 SFR Mapping Table 2 contains an SFR comparison between previous and new products. Bit Addressable Non Bit Addressable 0/ 8 1/ 9 2/ A 3/ B 4/ C 5/ D 6/ E 7/ F F8h CHCCAP0H XXXX XXXX CCAP1H XXXX XXXX CCAP2H XXXX XXXX CCAP3H XXXX XXXX CCAP4H XXXX XXXX FFh F0h BF7h E8h P5 bit addressableCL.